Membership Types

Friends of the Garden

By becoming a Friend (Annual Fee $15), you will materially support the development of the Garden.

If you are part of a particular group that uses the garden facilities, there may also be a requirement that you become a Friend.

Friends have the following entitlements and responsibilities

  • Have access to the Garden at any time (the Garden is locked and Friends are entitled to the unlocking codes)
  • Provide some additional material assistance to the maintenance and development of the garden, through helping at working bees, Communal gardening sessions or other garden activities
  • Have a reasonable share of the produce of the communal garden areas
  • Have reasonable access to the communal propagation house
  • Are able to rent the Garden Room or Garden for approved events

For more detailed information, please download our Member and User Guide (link below).

Plot Holders 

The garden currently has 25 plots available for people to grow their own plants. These plots are classified as either a full plot, approximately 15 sqm or a half plot. There is an annual fee of $80 for a whole plot, or $40 for a half-plot.  (The Friends fee is waived for Plotholders).

There is usually a waiting list to become a plotholder!  Our Plotholder Manager will contact you when you register interest and things proceed from there.

Plot holders have all the entitlements and responsibilities of Friends, plus:

  • Have the use of their plot (naturally!)
  • Have the use of garden resources (water, compost, tools, storage facilities etc )
  • Should endeavour to follow Permaculture principles in their gardening
  • Are expected to participate in Garden Maintenance ( at least 4 working bees or equivalent amount of contribution, per year).  Working bees are 2 hours on the last Sunday of each month.

For more detailed information, please download our Member and User Guide (link below).

If you are interested in becoming a Plot Holder or Friend of the Garden contact us via email:

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